Individual Biogas Unit

An individual house hold unit is very important in the field of eco conservation. Individual biogas plant is the smallest biogas unit in biogas family of HELPO Eco Green Company. Most of countries use this type of biogas units for domestic level. All constructions are underground and one small pond raise from ground. This unit is the unique and tremendous effort for saving environment. The capacity of the individual biogas unit is 8m3 and daily this biogas unit can feed around 25 kg organic wastes. House owner can use below mention row materials for producing biogas .

The expected biogas production is over 30m3 monthly. That amount enough to usage of one family. Eco green company follow latest construction methods and they could develop the biogas reactor according to the ground needs of the Sri Lanka. Till that Moment Company constructed many individual biogas units in many places of the Sri Lanka. Biogas units are being implementing as a customer oriented program and based on needs of owner.

The company is implementing a filter system for purify liquid compost of the biogas unit. If that liquid compost doesn’t use by the house owner it will automatically filter by this filter and release to environment. We help you to find correct and suitable product. Individual biogas unit provides you unique benefits in long term. No need to expend money to remove waste within several years.

The most important thing is expended money can be recover within few years to house owner. There is no bad smell of biogas and that is not dangerous like LP Gas because it mix with natural environment very quickly. This is multi benefit program for the people who take it to their home. In addition to that in village level, you can implement a community biogas plant by connecting few houses into one biogas plant. Collected organic waste from each house can feed into one biogas plant & use biogas to fulfill the energy need. biogas_calculator