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About Us

Pioneers Of Eco Consevation

1 january 2000

About Us

we are compiling to assist the developer, planner, homeowner and other interested parties in assessing the role that anaerobic digestion can play in addressing waste management, energy needs and sanitation through utilizing otherwise discarded waste materials to upgrade the green productivity. HELPO Eco Green Company has developed more than 100 biogas energy projects in different areas. With qualified staff and highly experienced technical expertise offering a various range of eco-friendly innovations, multiple benefits are created for clients and the environment.

we are promoting biogas in a low cost formed of energy derived from renewable waste resources: animal manures, agriculture residues, industrial wastewater, human waste & other organic materials.
The use of biogas is increasing rapidly today due to number of reasons: 


1. Rapidly increases of solid waste generation
Fuel costs rising gradually with the time and leading to double load of the user to bear
2. Effort are now being made to improve the use of renewable energy sources
3. The gas produced, mainly methane, is one of the major causes of the greenhouse effect
4. The production is possible in small scale sites, & easy to supply energy to outlying areas
5. Capturing of methane through the use of biogas technology
6. Few simple design rules are followed to construct a biogas plant 


Hmmm! Bio Gas?

Biogas is an extremely useful source of renewable energy, whilst digestate is a highly valuable bio fertilizer can also offer a range of other benefits. Apart from reducing fossil fuel consumption, the use of toilet waste and other organic material to produce biogas means that waste products are being converted into energy in the form of electricity, heating and cooling.

Waste Types

Organic & Inorganic

Putting organic waste to a useful purpose is, among other things, one of the objectives of the waste strategy. At the same time, biogas production is helping to minimize waste otherwise quite significant emission of greenhouse gasses and also to reduce harmful emissions.



With global population expected to increase from about 7 billion people in 2011 to 9.2 billion by 2050, there is a pressing need to develop solutions which can reduce the impact of organic waste on the environment and help us utilize our planet's finite resources more efficiently. Biogas technology is an important aspect of these solutions & we invite you to be a partner of environment protection network.

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